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These sessions at Parksyde are being held at 10 am on the first and third Tuesdays of each month until July. Our 2-hour sessions will normally be an introduction to the topics with time for questions. We will break for one-on-one or small group sessions a number of times during the session so that you are getting personalised assistance. We normally will have 4 or 5 of our committee to assist.

Everyone is welcome, and there is no charge thanks to generous assistance from Age Concern.


March 7th : Introduction – “Your Mobile Phone is Your Best Friend”

Introduction to your phone. A general introduction to the many aspects of phone use and many of the apps and other activities that can be utilised using your phone. (Completed)

March 21st: - Setting up and using your Phone – Basic Set up and some apps – Messages and Emails.
This session will discuss the basic and advanced set-up of your phone. We will also cover messaging, how to save numbers and setting up and using emails on your phone.

April 4th : Personal activities – Security, Financial Management, Health, Google Calendar, other appropriate apps.
How to make certain your phone is secure. Banking and Health can be accessed very simply using your phone once your phone is secure. Google Calendar is a great app and we will discuss a few others in this category.

April 18th : Internet – pricing – and “On Demand” – Chromecast and Smart Tv.
What you should be looking for in an internet provider – what does it cost.  Using the internet in your home – introduction to Chromecast and using the “On Demand” streaming services whether you have a “Smart Tv” or not.

May 2nd : Online Purchasing – Trade me, Ali Express etc.
“Check before you buy.” Phones make online purchasing very simple. Using the apps before you go shopping – “let you fingers do the walking” - before you leave home. Trade Me, Ali Express, Amazon – and lots of others.

May 16th : Music, Video Calling, YouTube, Zoom etc.
Your new Music Library, video calling rather than phone calls, using YouTube and Zoom. Many ways to use your phone in different ways….Using Bluetooth speakers gives you great sound from your phone.

June 6th : Photography – Using your camera.
Editing Photos, Photo Storage, Transferring Photos, OneDrive and other storage suggestions.
Your phone is an excellent camera – how to use it successfully. Editing and storage, making albums from your photos and lots more – this is a “do not miss” session. Using One Drive for storage and easy access to all of your photos and data.


June 20th : Travel – using Google Maps, Travel apps etc. International travel phone plans.
Using your phone for Travel activities. Google Maps, Timeline, Gaspy, Airline apps, Track your travel with Flight Radar and many other travel apps. How to use your phone while overseas – tips and traps.

July 4th : Social media and Books - Facebook, Messenger, Book Readers, Library etc.
Using your phone or tablet as a book reader. Connecting to your local Library for eBooks. Purchasing books from overseas apps for minimal $s. Using a book reader. Introduction to Facebook and Messenger – social media – its pluses and pitfalls.

July 18th : Review of the previous 9 Sessions
A review of all we have covered in our previous sessions. Lots of time for questions etc.

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